Recently, Ray’s Hess Toy Trucks was interviewed by Hagerty Classic Car Insurance Company about an article that they were writing on collecting Hess Toy Trucks. Their writer, Jim Koscs, contacted us simply to ask a few questions, but after a few minutes, we ended up realizing how both hobbies are so closely related. The hobbies I am talking about are the collecting of Hess Toy Trucks and Classic Cars. If you are a collector of either, you know how important detail is, as well as originality of even the smallest part. For Hess Trucks, it is all about the condition of the box and if there are any dings, dents, writings or stains on the box and it must also contain all the original packing such as inserts and battery instruction card. The truck must also be as pristine as possible allowing for natural aging. It is a daunting task to find one in that condition because most of the early model Hess Trucks came with waterslide decals that over time become brittle and fragile.

Jim was amazed how far we have taken the hobby from collecting to making this an actual business offering not only Hess Toy Trucks, but original replacement parts for most of the Hess Trucks. So, just like a Classic Car, you can now restore your Hess Toy Truck by simply going to our site and clicking “Hess Toy Truck Parts!”

Jim does a nice job explaining the hobby of Hess Trucks from how the company started, the Thanksgiving tradition of getting the new truck at the stations to the process of how Hess chooses the new trucks over the years. 

hagerty inside pic

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We would like to thank Jim Koscs and Hagerty Classic Car Insurance Company for the mention in their article. Remember, as with all great hobbies, it is important to insure your collectibles whether it is a classic car or something as small as a Hess Toy Truck!