Hess 40th Anniversary Combo Set

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Hess 40th Anniversary Combo Set

This is a great deal for the true Hess collector. Hess came out with 3 collectibles to celebrate the 40th anniversary and you can get then all in this package deal!


2014 Hess Sport Utility Vehicle:


This is an SUV style truck with real head & tail lights and comes with 2 motorcycles in the rear of the truck. The motorcycles have friction motors and lights. The battery compartment is clean and all the lights are in working order. Measures approximately 10.5″ in length.


Hess 2004 40th Anniversary Toy Truck Book:


The Hess 40th Anniversary Toy Truck Book was published in 2004 to celebrate the 40 years Hess that has been releasing their popular toy trucks. The book is brand new and has detailed pictures of all the trucks from 1964 to 2004 which is a great source of information for all Hess collectors. There have been many books published on Hess toy trucks but this is the first book published by the Hess Corporation itself. These were not advertised and there were only 30 books per store and on 5000 produced so most stations sold out before anyone even knew about them.


2014 Hess Mini Sport Utility Vehicle:


Here is the new 2014 Hess Mini Sport Utility Vehicle. Comes complete with mini, box and display stand. It is made of plastic and measures about 6″ in length.


All 3 Items – Mint Condition



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