2018 Hess RV with ATV & Motorbike Gift Wrapped with Rare Shipping Box!


Original Cost: $33.99
Manufactured: Unknown

Complete with Van, ATV, Motorbike, gift wrapped with shipping box . Measures approximately 11″ in length.
Release date: November 1 – 2019

Truck & Box – Mint Condition

In stock


Original Cost: $33.99
Manufactured: Unknown
SKU# H2018SB

2018 Hess RV with ATV & Motorbike

Released on November 1st the 2018 Hess RV with ATV and Motorbike is a power sport trio ready for any adventure. The set features a sleek and modern recreational transport loaded with lights, and a spirited wheelie-popping pair of teammates eager for on and off-road action! This 3-in-1 combo includes an eye-popping 73 lights, the most ever on a holiday Hess Toy Truck. This rare item comes gift wrapped in the Hess green paper and inside the very rare brown shipping box with Hess Label. Also included is the business card from Hess that was enclosed in the packaging!

RV Features:

Strikingly vibrant with 60 LED lights, a gleaming chrome front, white body, contrasting black fenders, and dark tinted cab windows. Clear windows showcase the two internally illuminated compartments housing the ATV and Motorbike, which are accessed by button-release drop-down ramp door

ATV & Motorbike Features: 

ATV has oversize, terrain-tough tires that partner with a powerful pull-back motor to race flat or flash its impressive wheelie-action. A roll cage encloses the driver while the 10 switch-activated lights and chrome details shine bright. Getting in on the race challenge and wheelie-popping power is the sport style Motorbike, with a push-friction motor, and working head and tail lights.


Truck & Box – Mint Condition


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Additional information

Weight2.11 lbs
Dimensions14 × 8 × 5 in

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