2018 Hess Mini 3 Pack Collection Set

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2018 Hess Mini 3 Pack Collection Set

Original Cost: $26.99
Manufactured: Unknown


Included in the set is a miniature version of the popular 1977 Hess Tanker Truck, 1988 Hess Truck & Racer and the 1970 Hess Fire Truck all in one beautiful boxed set. These are sold out at Hess and quantities are limited so don’t miss your chance to get your set!



Miniature 1970 Hess Fire Truck:

  • Miniature version of the extremely popular 1970 Hess Fire Truck which was molded after the original fire engine used at the Hess Refineries.
  • Has 6 lights, including a top-mounted red emergency light.
  • Rotating chrome fire nozzle mounted on top along with molded, fixed-position reel and side mounted fire hoses.
  • Full chrome underside, grille, bumpers, fender guards, ladders and rear name plate.
  • Batteries included.

Miniature 1977 Hess Tanker Truck:

  • This classic miniature version¬† of the popular 1977 Hess Tanker with the solid green cab and bright yellow fenders.
  • 10 free rolling wheels plus 8 lights total.
  • Beautiful chrome grille, cab exhausts, and tank ladder.
  • Batteries included.

Miniature 1988 Hess Toy Truck and Racer:

  • White miniature version of the 1988 truck & racer.
  • Features 27 lights.
  • Shiny chrome grille, bumpers, fender guards, wheel-covers, roll-bar, bed rails, cab step, and side exhaust pipe.
  • The small Racer features green accents, rear spoiler with a pull-back motor.
  • Batteries included.


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