2016 Hess Truck & Dragster


Original Cost: $31.99
Manufactured: Unknown

Complete with truck, box and all packing. The truck measures approximately 11″ in length. Hard to find.
Release date: November 1 – 2016

Truck & Box – Mint Condition

In stock


Original Cost: $31.99
Manufactured: Unknown
SKU# H2016

2016 Hess Truck & Dragster features:


2016 Hess Truck & Dragster :
– 3 buttons on top to operate sound features (ignition, countdown & horn)
– 43 lights that flash or stationary
– Wheels that roll freely
– Chrome detailing on truck
– Pull out ramp with sound

Dragster :
– Tilt back friction motor that pops wheelies!
– Stunning chrome accents
– 9 lights that include LED


2016 Hess Truck & Dragster in Mint Condition


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Weight5.0 lbs

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