2016 Hess Truck & Dragster – Combo Package #1

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2016 Hess Truck & Dragster – Combo Package #1

We are pleased to offer this great combo package that includes a 2016 Hess Truck & Dragster, 2001 Hess Mini plus a 2003 Hess Mini Football.


2016 Hess Truck & Dragster :
– 3 buttons on top to operate sound features (ignition, countdown & horn)
– 43 lights that flash or stationary
– Wheels that roll freely
– Chrome detailing on truck
– Pull out ramp with sound

Dragster :
– Tilt back friction motor that pops wheelies!
– Stunning chrome accents
– 9 lights that include LED


2001 Hess Mini:
The 4th in the Hess Miniature series, the 2001 Miniature Hess Truck is a Hess Race Transport. This scaled down replica of the 1991 Hess Toy Truck and Racer features real working head lights and taillights and has a miniature race car. The 2001 Mini Hess Truck sits on an attractive display base and fresh from a factory case. These were released on Friday, May 25th. The factory pre-installed AA and AAA batteries have a tendency to leak over time. Therefore, we remove the AA and AAA batteries to prevent any damage that could be caused due to the battery leaking and are not included.


2003 Hess Mini Football:
Hess Football with Stand. It is approximately 7 inches long and an officially licensed NFL product. It was available only at Hess gas stations for a limited time in 2003 and very hard to find. This quality football has nice laces, comes with its own mini stand and is in the original sealed packing bag. The football is a two-tone brown color. Here is a item that the kids can have hours of fun with. It is also small enough to display on the collector’s room shelf or bookcase. The set come complete with football, stand and is sealed in plastic just as it came from the station.
Here’s your chance to get the perfect combo package for the holidays.


2016 Hess Truck & Dragster, 2001 Hess Mini Truck & Racer plus the 2003 Hess Mini Football all in Mint Condition


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Enjoy the New 2016 Hess Toy Truck Commercial!



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