2009 Hess Mini Space Shuttle – 12th Edition


Original Cost: $6.99
Manufactured: 1,600,000

Complete with Shuttle Truck, box and display stand. The truck is made of plastic and measures about 6″ in length. Release date: May 22, 2009.
Truck & Box – Mint Condition

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Original Cost: $6.99
Manufactured: 1,600,000


This year’s edition is based on the popular 1999 Hess Truck & Space Shuttle, and features:

  • A space shuttle with working lights and rolling wheels for smooth landings.
  • An 18-wheeler tractor trailer transport with working headlights, taillights and accent lights and a trailer bed that serves as the shuttle’s landing pad.
  • The lights have been tested and are in working order and battery compartment is clean..
  • A display stand where both vehicles can dock.
  • The truck is made of plastic and measures approximately 6″ in length.
  • Released on May 22, 2009. Fresh from factory case.
  • The factory pre-installed AA and AAA batteries have a  tendency to leak  over time. Therefore, we remove the AA and AAA batteries to prevent any damage that could be caused due to the battery leaking .

Truck & Box – Mint Condition

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