2006 Hess Truck & Helicopter – Case of 6

2006 case
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2006 Hess Truck & Helicopter – Case of 6

Original Cost: $21.99 each
Manufactured: 1,600,000
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2006 Hess toy truck & helicopter features a large green and white tractor with flashing headlights, a flatbed trailer equipped with sequencing landing lights and a fully functioning battery powered helicopter with operating rotors and stabilizers. Also the 2006 Hess Toy Truck & Helicopter features: chrome detailing with red free-rolling wheels; push button activation for flashers; 31 individual working lights on the tractor trailer – the most ever! Two motor modes for the helicopter & folding rotor blades for the helicopter. The truck measures approximately 14″ in length.


Sealed Case of 6 – Mint Condition


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