2003 Hess Truck & Racers

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2003 Hess Truck & Racers

Original Cost: $19.99
Manufactured: 1,600,000
SKU# H2003


Hess has headed for the Indianapolis Speedway with this year’s addition to the Hess Truck Collection. It is an over/under dual Indy-style Car Transporter. Both cars feature lighted head and taillights. Plus, Hess has done it again by putting pullback motors in the cars. Simply roll the car backwards to charge its motor, and then let go for some fast racing action. This is the largest truck that Hess has released. The battery compartment is clean and all the lights are in working order. The box is also mint with bright graphics and complete with all packing. The truck measures approximately 14″ in length.

Truck & Box – Mint Condition



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