2000 Mini First Hess Truck – 3rd Edition


Original Cost: $4.99
Manufactured: 850,000

Complete with mini truck, box and display stand. The truck is made of plastic measuring approximately 6″ in length. Release date: May 26, 2000.
Truck & Box – Mint Condition

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Original Cost: $4.99
Manufactured: 850,000


The 3rd in the Hess Miniature series, the 2000 Miniature Hess Truck is finely detailed scaled down replica is of the “First Hess Truck” which was used by Leon Hess to deliver fuel to customers in 1933. It features real working head lights and taillights. The 2000 Mini Hess Truck sits on an attractive display base and fresh from factory case. These were released on May 26th. The factory pre-installed AA and AAA batteries have a tendency to leak over time. Therefore, we remove the AA and AAA batteries to prevent any damage that could be caused due to the battery leaking and are not included.


Truck & Box – Mint Condition

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Weight 2.0 lbs

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