1996 Insert Card For Hess Gift Box Glass Set


Rare 1996 Hess Gift Box Set rare insert card. Not Available to the public.
Glass Set – Mint Condition

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Hess introduced a set of 4 collectible glasses in 1996 to be sold at the stations calling them the “Collectors Series”. A new glass came out about every 2 months. The front of each glass has a picture of the truck and on the back of the glass it has a detailed description of the truck. The trucks pictured on the glasses are the 1984, 1985, 1986 & 1992. What makes this item so valuable is Hess gave their executives in 1996 a special set of glasses that came in a beautiful display gift box which included a rare insert card which was very different from the one that was given out at the stations. A true must have for the avid Hess collector!

Insert Card – Mint Condition


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