1996 Hess Platinum Edition Book


Here is the book that the real Hess collectors call “The Bible”. This is the 1996 Hess hard cover Platinum Edition Toy Truck Collector Book written & signed by Michael V. Harwood.
Book – Mint Condition

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Release Date: 1996
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Great edition to any collection. This book covers the story of the birth of the idea for the Hess toy trucks as well as the Hess warehouse break-in where thousands of toy trucks were stolen and Hess even offered a reward for their return. The book gives descriptions of each year truck & box from 1964 to 1996. Also featured in the book were the other companies that Hess took over in the early years and produced trucks for them as well. Some of the other gas stations were Wilco, Servco/Service, Billups, Gant, McCoy & Travelers. This book also shows the other Hess products such as soccer balls, glasses & cashier pins/buttons.


Box & Book – Mint Condition


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