1993 Hess Premium Diesel Tanker

1993 PREM 03 YEL
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1993 Hess Premium Diesel Tanker

Original Cost: Not sold to public
Manufactured: 10,000

On October 1,1993 Hess introduced the “93 Hess Premium Diesel” with super detergent gasoline in all their gas stations on the East Coast marketing areas. Sales were so great the following year Hess sent out a gift with a letter to each bulk customer. The gift they received was a “Premium Diesel” Toy Truck. The trucks actually weren’t released until late 1994. Each truck came with a letter in an envelope and a thank you card from Hess.

  • The box has a slight dent on one corner of the box (see pic).
  • This set includes a 1993 Rare Hess Premium Diesel, box, letter with envelope and thank you card.
  • The truck is in excellent condition with the exception of some slight yellowing areas. (see pics).
  • All lights and sounds have been tested and are in working order.

Truck & Box – 9.9 Condition


Item sold “As Is”. No returns on this item.



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