1991 Hess Toy Truck Book / Pamphlet


Great soft cover book for the true Hess collector. This book was published by F.S.B.O. and has lots of pictures and price values of each of the trucks from 1964 to 1990.
Book/Pamphlet – 9.5 Condition

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This book covers Hess toy trucks from 1964 to 1990. Book gives years, price guide for low, average & high rating price of each year truck. In this book you will find different variations of certain year trucks and their price ratings back in 1991. A 4 page booklet published by F.B.S.O. books of Fair Lawn New Jersey. The cost analysis for this book are calculated from sales in each particular year for a total of 12 months. Book shows slight wear but not bad for its age (see pics). Not many of these still around and a great edition to any collection.

Book/Pamphlet – 9.5 Condition


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