1988 Hess Truck & Racer “Gold Grill” – China Edition


Original Cost: $6.95
Manufactured: 500,000

Complete with truck, box and all packing. The truck measures approximately 12″ in length.
Release date: November – 1988
Truck – Mint / Box – 9.9 Condition

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Original Cost: $6.95
Manufactured: 500,000
SKU# H1988GGC-2

  • This truck takes accessories to a new level! It is a transport truck carrying a friction-powered race car.
  • Car can be removed and played with separately. This is also the first truck to display the year on its license plate.
  • Truck was made in both Hong Kong and in China.
  • This is the China version.
  • Battery compartment is clean and all the lights are in working order.
  • Box has bright graphics and complete with both top & bottom insert.
  • This variation is known as the “Gold Grill” and made in China.
  • During the late 1980s, it seems they had some problems with the process and some of the trucks came out with a gold tone to them.
  • This was quickly caught and corrected and only a few of these were distributed making them very hard to find.
  • The box features the truck parked next to a Hess Gas Station with Christmas trees and mountains in the background.
  • Bottom of the box contains battery installation instructions and race car operation instructions.
  • Truck measures approximately 12″ in length.

Truck – Mint / Box – 9.9 Condition


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