1984 Hess Tanker Truck Bank

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1984 Hess Tanker Truck Bank

Original Cost: $4.99
Manufactured: 1,000,000
SKU# H1984-14

This was the first Hess bank truck made. The truck is a redesigned version of the 1977/1978 Oil Tanker Truck with a coin slot added on the rear of the tanker. The truck has working head and taillights, and a removable hose. The other major difference is that there are no more decals used on this truck, so you do not have the wearing or peeling of them anymore.

  • The words on the truck are now molded into the plastic.
  • The box is now a one-piece variety where the truck slides out of the end flaps.
  • There is a picture of the front of the truck on one end of the box and the rear of the truck on the other end of the box.
  • The bottom of the box has the instructions for the installation of the battery.
  • The battery compartment is clean and all the lights are in working order.
  • The box has bright graphics and complete with both top & bottom inserts. 
  • Battery instruction card is included.
  • The truck measures approximately 13″ in length and is in mint condition.


Truck & Box – Mint Condition






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