1982 “First Hess Truck” (Red Switch)

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1982 “First Hess Truck” (Red Switch)

Original Cost: $4.69
Manufactured: 1,000,000
SKU# H1982-17

  • This truck, a 1933 Chevrolet Fuel Oil Delivery Truck, is an exact replica of the first delivery truck driven by Leon Hess, the founder of Hess Oil.
  • It features a rubber oil delivery hose that pulls out of the side and easily rewinds on its spool.
  • A switch underneath the truck operates the working headlights and taillights.
  • Only difference in the 1982 and 1983 edition is the color of the on-off switch.
  • 1982 has a red light switch on the bottom of the truck, the 1983 has the black switch.
  • The truck is in mint condition and a great edition to any collection.
  • Battery compartment is clean and all the lights are in working order.
  • Box is in mint condition and a great display piece (see pic).
  • The box has bright graphics & comes complete with both top & bottom inserts.
  • The truck measures approximately 11″ in length.


Truck & Box – Mint Condition






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