1977 Hess Tanker Truck 32 – Rare Top Insert


Original Cost: $2.39
Manufactured: Unknown

Complete with truck, box & all packing. Measures approximately 14″ in length.
Release date: November – 1977
Truck – Mint / Box – 9.9 Condition

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Original Cost: $2.49
Manufactured: Unknown
SKU# H1977-31

1977 & 1978 Hess trucks both have 1977 in Roman numerals on the battery cover. Difference between the 1977 & 1978 is the size of the rear decal. 1977 decal is 1″ X 1 ½” and the 1978 is 7/8″ x 1 ½.”

Truck Details:

  • The 1977 & 1978 trucks had more chrome accents than prior years.
  • Truck measures approximately 14″ in length with mint decals (see pics).
  • Complete with working head and taillights and a removable hose.
  • Battery compartment is clean (see pic) and all the lights are in working order.

Box Details:

  • Box is in excellent condition with slight wear (see pics).
  • Complete with RARE top insert & bottom. Most of these boxes came with the usual top insert with the slit open but there were a few that actually had an area to hold the battery for the truck (see pic).
  • Battery card is also included and in mint condition (see pic).
  • End of the box reads: Made in Hong Kong “Amerada Hess Corporation Woodridge, New Jersey 07095”. There is no writing on the other end of the box.
  • When the boxes were produced the word Woodbridge was mispelled as Woodridge.
  • There was no truck issued in 1979 due to the gas shortage.

Truck – Mint / Box – 9.9 Condition

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