1972 Hess Tanker Truck – 46


Original Cost: $1.69
Manufactured: 400,000

Complete with truck, box and all packing. The truck measures approximately 13″ in length.
Truck – Mint / Box – 9.9 Condition

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Original Cost: $1.69
Manufactured: 400,000
SKU# H1972-46

This edition of the Hess collection is very similar to the 1968 version with some slight changes. Truck has round feet on the landing gear rather that square that the 68s had. Tanker itself is more round than oval like on the 1968 and is also a lighter color green. Difference between the 1972 & 1974 Hess trucks can be seen by looking at the top of the catwalk of the tanker. 1972 catwalk does not go to the end of the truck giving it a small lip at the end. 1974 catwalk extends to the very end of the tanker and then rounds off at the rear. This is a 1972 Hess tanker.

Truck Details:

  • Truck has bright chrome accents & decals are all in mint condition (see pics).
  • This is an extremally nice display piece and getting harder to find in this condition (see pics).
  • Measures approximately 13″ in length.
  • Battery compartment is clean (see pics) and all the lights are in working order.

Box Details:

  • Box top has bright graphics all around with only a small crease on one end (see pics).
  • Complete with both top & bottom inserts.
  • End of the box reads “Amerada Hess Corporation” on one end and the other states “Made in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong”.
  • No battery card was issued in 1972.

Truck – Mint / Box – 9.9 Condition

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