1971 Hess “Season’s Greetings” Fire Truck


1971 Hess “Season’s Greetings” Fire Truck

Original Cost: $1.69
Manufactured: 300,000
SKU# H1971-02

  • Here is the very rare and one of the most difficult pieces in the Hess collection to acquire.
  • The set has all original parts including the box.
  • There are no reproduction parts on this item.
  • Hess re-introduced the same fire truck in 1971 but ran out of the colorful boxes midway through production and replaced them with a plain box with no graphics.
  • The service station attendants were in charge of applying the “Season’s Greetings’ sticker on top of the box when the item was purchased at the stations.
  • Many customers were disappointed not getting the colorful box but little did they know how valuable it would become!
  • The truck is a replica of the actual fire engine used at the Hess refineries and storage terminals.
  • Some of these trucks are still in service today at the plants.
  • This is a pumper style truck in 9.9 condition with with only one rear top light missing on the rear bar.
  • There are two removable hoses on one side, a ladder on the other, a swivel water cannon and a rotating light that flashes on the top of the cab.
  • Battery compartment is clean and the light on top works great.
  • Box is plain and all original with the “Season’s Greetings” sticker across the top.
  • The box shows some wear and has a few faint stains on one side (see pic) but great condition for its age
  • Bottom of the box has the paper company stamp on it but difficult to photo.
  • Included in the box are all 4 inserts and the battery card in excellent condition also all original. A great collectible at a great price!

Truck & Box – 9.9 Condition





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