1970 Hess Fire Truck

$695.00 $485.00

Original Cost: $1.69
Manufactured: 300,000

Set is complete with truck, box, packing & battery card and measures about 11″ in length.
Truck – 9.95 / Box – Mint Condition

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Original Cost: $1.69
Manufactured: 300,000
SKU# H1970-19

  • Truck is a replica of the actual fire engine used at the Hess refineries and storage terminals.
  • Some of these trucks are still in service today at the plants.
  • This is a pumper style truck with two removable hoses on one side and a ladder on the other (all original).
  • There is a swivel water cannon on the top of the engine bed.
  • This truck has a rotating light that flashes on the top of the cab.
  • Truck is in near mint condition (see pic). Great display piece.
  • Battery compartment is clean and the light on top works.
  • Box has bright graphics and in mint condition (see pics).
  • Included in the box are the 4 inserts & battery card all original.

Truck – 9.95 Box – Mint Condition


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Weight 4.0 lbs

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