1969 Hess Woodbridge Tanker Truck – Very Rare!

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Original Cost: $1.49
Manufactured: Unknown

This Rare 1969 Hess “Woodbridge” Tanker Truck is a very hard item to find. Comes complete with truck, box and all packing. The truck measures approximately 13″ in length.
Truck – Mint / Box – 9.8 Condition

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Original Cost: $1.49
Manufactured: Unknown
SKU# H1969W-10

This truck is one of the most difficult editions to find in the Hess collection. Commonly known as the “Woodbridge” the decal placement on the 1969 Hess Tanker says “Gasoline” on the passenger’s side & “Fuel Oils” are on the driver’s. A little history on the difference between the early Hess Tankers: 1968 & 1969 trucks had a white base instead of a Red Velvet base found on the 1967’s. The battery cover on the 1968 & 1969 has a round Marx Logo on them. The 1967 did not.

Truck Details:

  • Truck measures approximately 13″ in length and complete with excellent decals (see pics).
  • It has working headlights and taillights operated by a switch on the bottom of the tanker, and removable hose. 
  • The battery compartment is clean and all the lights are in working order.
  • All the trucks from the 1960’s have square trailer feet and no rivets by the on/off switch

Box Details:

  • The 1968 has a picture of the front of the truck on one end with the address on the box that says, “Home Office Perth Amboy, New Jersey”
  • This box is a 1969 which shows a picture of the front of the truck on one end with the address on the box under it stating, “Home office Woodbridge, New Jersey” (see pic).
  • On the 1968/1969 the end of the box has a picture of the rear of the truck and states under it, “Made in The British Crown Colony of Hong Kong”
  • The 1967 states, “Made in USA” on the end of the box.
  • Box on all sides is as close to perfect you will find in decades with only some faint staining on one corner & writing on the top of the box (see pics). Might be able to remove it but we will leave that up to the new owner.
  • These are probably one of the hardest pieces in the Hess collection to find in any condition let alone one like this!
  • Complete with both top & bottom inserts in mint condition.

Truck – Mint / Box – 9.8 Condition

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