1969 Amerada Hess Tanker Truck with Rare Shipping Box!

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Original Cost: (Not sold to public)
Manufactured: 10,000

This Rare 1969 Amerada Hess Tanker Truck was not released to the public and very hard to find. Comes complete with truck, box and all packing plus rare shipping carton.
Truck & Box – 9.99 / Rare Shipping Box – 9.0 Condition

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Original Cost: (Not sold to public)
Manufactured: 10,000

Rare 1969 Amerada Hess Tanker Truck was not released to the public and very hard to find. In 1969 the Hess Oil and Chemical Corporation merged with Amerada Petroleum Corporation. This was an in-house promotion to announce the new company name and were only given out to the executives of Hess and Amerada Corporation. One of the most difficult trucks to find in the whole Hess collection. Included is the very rare shipping box and letter.

Truck Details:

  • The new company name, Amerada Hess, appeared on the side of the Hess Oil Tanker Truck.
  • Hess logos no longer on the cab doors but the “Gasoline” decal stayed on the passengers side of the tanker and the “Fuel Oils” on the drivers.
  • Battery compartment is clean (see pic) and all the lights are in working order
  • Truck measures approximately 13″ in length and complete with excellent decals (see all pics).

Box Details: 

  • Box is in excellent condition with bright crisp graphics (see pics).
  • Complete with both top & bottom inserts in mint condition.
  • Don’t miss your chance to acquire this highly collectible piece for your Hess collection
  • The “Seasons Greetings” card is also included.

Rare Shipping Box:

  • This is an item that is rarely seen and only a few around any more.
  • The shipping carton is in great condition with wear which is expected for its age and bright colors on the label (see pics).
  • Box the postal label on the front stamped and HESS on the side end flap (see pic).
  • We are also including a very rare copy of the letter sent with this item. The picture only shows half the letter for copy protecting reasons (see pic). This letter was included in some of the boxes. Does not have the same address that is on the box but nevertheless a rare item to have for the set.

Truck & Box – 9.99 Condition / Rare Shipping Box – 9.0

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