1969 Amerada Hess Tanker Truck

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1969 Amerada Hess Tanker Truck

Original Cost: (Not sold to public)
Manufactured: 10,000
SKU# H1969amerada-10

This Rare 1969 Amerada Hess Tanker Truck was not released to the public and very hard to find. Comes complete with truck, box and all packing.

  • One of the most difficult trucks to find in the whole Hess collection.
  • In 1969 the Hess Oil and Chemical Corporation merged with Amerada Petroleum Corporation.
  • The new company name, Amerada Hess, appeared on the side of the Hess Oil Tanker Truck.
  • The Hess logos no longer on the cab doors but the “Gasoline” decal stayed on the passengers side of the tanker and the “Fuel Oils” on the drivers.
  • This was an in-house promotion to announce the new company name and were only given out to the executives of Hess and Amerada Corporation.
  • The battery compartment is clean (see pic) and all the lights are in working order. 
  • The “Seasons Greetings” card is also included (see pic).
  • The truck measures approximately 13″ in length and complete with excellent decals with only slight age wear (see all pics).
  • The box is in excellent condition with bright crisp graphics and probably one of the best we have ever seen (see pics).
  • Complete with both top & bottom inserts in mint condition.
  • Don’t miss your chance to acquire this highly collectible piece for your Hess collection.

Truck & Box – 9.95 Condition




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