1967 Wilco Voyager Ship Like 1966 Hess – Very Rare!

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1967 Wilco Voyager Ship Like 1966 Hess – Very Rare!

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Here is a very helpful bit of information about the Wilco & Servco trucks & ships. Wilco & Servco stations down south are owned by Hess and they take the previous years Hess truck mold and put the Servico & Wilco logos on the trucks for sale at their stations. This very rare 1967 Wilco ship is molded after the popular 1966 Hess Voyager. The decals are done in the striking red, blue and white colors of the company.


  • The ship is in excellent condition for its age and only missing the decals on the bow. The rear stack decals are present and in great condition! The battery cover is missing and not included. Lights have been tested and are in working order.
  • The original box is also included but shows some wear (see pics). Finding the box is nearly impossible in any condition! This has the always missing Wilco emblem on the left side of the top of the box and is in excellent condition (see pics). All 3 inserts are included and original. Bottom of the box is also in excellent condition. The battery card is included but not original. Measures approximately 18″ in length.

Ship – 9.9 / Box – 9.5 Condition



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