1966 Voyager Ship Marx Sampler Like 1966 Hess – Super Rare!!


Original Cost: $1.89
Manufactured: 150,000

Included in the set is the box, inserts, ship with all deck parts & battery card. Measures about 18″ in length.
Ship & Box – 9.9 Condition

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Original Cost: Unknown
Manufactured: Unknown
SKU# MARX1966-10

This is an un-named Voyager ship that was produced by the Marx Toy Company in 1966. The mold was also used for the well known 1966 Hess Voyager and a year later for Wilco, Service & Travelers. This piece is unlike the Hess edition as far as graphics on the box and lack of any decals on the ship. A very rare and hard to find piece in this pristine condition!

Ship Details:

  • The ship has all original deck parts to include radar screen, outriggers, small flag & front mast (see pics).
  • Rudder, anchors & prop all mint condition as well.
  • There are no decals on this edition which sets it apart from all the others (see pics).
  • This ship is bright white, displays extremely well and nearly impossible to find in this condition (see pics).
  • Battery compartment is clean, all the lights have been tested to be in working order.
  • Comes with original battery cover.

Box Details:

  • Bottom of the box is in pristine condition.
  • Top of box has notable differences with sharp graphics done in black and white unlike the others that were colorized. Another difference is that there is a picture of the bow of the ship on each end of the box where the Hess box shows the bow on one end and the stern on the other end.
  • This is one of the nicest editions we have ever seen in a long time (see all pics).
  • The original battery is again different as well with no company name displayed on it showing a picture of the bow of the ship instead.
  • Comes complete with 3 cardboard inserts.


Ship & Box – Pristine Condition

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