1966 Service Tanker Truck / Like 1964 Hess – Super Rare Find


Original Cost: $2.39
Manufactured: Unknown

Complete with truck, box & all packing. Measures approximately 12″ in length.
Release date: November – 1966
Truck & Box – 9.99 Condition

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Original Cost: $2.49
Manufactured: Unknown

In 1965 Hess started to expand its name and proceeded to purchase stations in the southeast such as Billups, Service, Wilco just to name a few. Hess would produce a toy truck and every year after its southern stations were allowed to use the mold to make trucks with their logos on them. Service Distributing Company, Inc. (Servco) used the name “Service” which appeared on all its toy trucks from 1966 until 1976. It then changed the name to “Service Plus” in 1979. In 1986 the name changed again to Servco. This particular edition is a copy of the very popular 1977/1978 Hess Tanker Truck.

Truck Details:

  • The truck is complete ALL ORIGINAL parts.
  • Measures approximately 12″ in length, all decals present with some wear to the cab decal but minor for its age and rarity (see pics).
  • Lights have all been tested and are in working order.
  • Battery compartment is clean & complete with funnel holder, funnel wrapped in original tissue paper, little to no wear on funnel decal (see all pics).

Box Details:

  • The top of the box is in excellent condition, has strong corners with only a small 1/2″ corner crease and little to no wear which is amazing for its age (see pics).
  • The bottom of the box is also in excellent condition.
  • Complete with all original tissue packing plus Rare battery card which is always missing.
  • You will notice that unlike the colorful 1964 Hess tanker box there are no fancy designs or colors.

Truck & Box – 9.99 Condition

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