1964 Billups Tanker – Very Rare Item!

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1964 Billups Tanker – Very Rare Item!

Hess bought out a few southern oil companies in the early 1960s like Service, Billups & Travelers just to mention a few. You will notice a “B” on the front grill which stands for Billups Oil Company.

Here are a few details:

  • The truck is in excellent condition for the age of this rare item. The driver’s side decals have some wear. The “e” on the end of the front “Gasoline” decal is worn (see pic) and the middle “Billups” decal has wear on the top middle (see pic). On the passenger’s side the center decal has slight wear on the bottom & the rest are ok.
  • There is some wear to the the decal on the driver’s door & the passenger door is in excellent condition (see pic).
  • Lights have been tested and are in working order.
  • The set also comes with the very rare battery instruction card.
  • Bottom of the BLACK box is included and has only 1 repaired corner (see pic). It comes with the funnel holder and funnel. The funnel has HESS decal on it but the small handle is broken off and not included (see pic). Comes with original tissue packing (see pic).
  • The top of the box is missing and NOT included.

These trucks are nearly impossible to find in any condition. This makes a great display piece for any collectors room. Set is complete with truck, battery instruction card, funnel & holder.




Truck & Box – 9.8




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