There are a lot of Holiday traditions everywhere, one being the anticipation of the new Hess Toy Truck release, and kids big and small everywhere can’t wait to get one! Another tradition topping the list is looking forward to receiving the newest edition of the “Hess Truck Encyclopedia” written by Michael Roberto. We have been reviewing these books for a few years now, and just like a great novel series, these books never disappoint. Like any hobby or interest, there is always something new and exciting to look forward to with his books. Mike has a special passion for these trucks he loves so much remembering the old days when going to the Hess station and waiting in line with his father to get the new Hess Toy Truck. This was a special time for him spent with family of which later became a tradition. Just when you think “what else can he possibly do to top the last book,” Mike never disappoints and he comes out with so many new surprises. One of the biggest surprise you will find in this edition is an exclusive interview with Hess on their toy trucks. This has never been allowed and is mind boggling how he ever got Hess to agree! The in-depth interview was with Justin Mayer, Director, Brand Marketing & General Manager of Hess Toy Truck at Hess Corporation. Mike gets into all the questions Hess enthusiasts have been wondering and asking themselves all these years! For those of you who are not familiar with his books, Mike goes into a very detailed description complete with pictures of each and every year Hess truck in the collection, as well as prototypes and custom pieces by collector’s who have the biggest passion for this great hobby! Filled with information about everything from Hess such as station signs, cashier’s sales buttons, bags that came with the trucks when purchased, promotional cards, special editions, etc…..Oh my gosh, there is so much in the book! We have been selling Hess Toy Trucks for over 25 year and yes, just like everyone else, we also look forward to this great read. Ray’s Hess Toy Trucks highly recommends Mike’s book, “2020 Hess Truck Encyclopedia,” as the perfect holiday gift that will have you riveted and unable to put it down. Get yours now on Amazon or directly from Hess Toy Truck Books Here are just a few exciting pages from this wonderful book.

New 2020 Hess Truck Encyclopedia Book Review

Detailed Breakdown of the Very First 1964 Hess Toy Truck!

The Always Exciting “Hess Customs” Section. One of our Favorites!

Breakdown Section of All the Hess Trucks (Regular & Mini)