Here is a first in a series of “How To” guides on repairing or replacing the batteries in some of the most popular Hess Toy Trucks and minis. First up is the 2001 Hess Mini Truck & Racer This is one of the more difficult ones to do so let’s try to help you tackle this with an easy step by step process using a description and pictures to make it an easy task. Here we go:

2001 1a

Remove the mini from the box

2001 2

Remover the rubber bands and take the race car off of the ramp and set aside.

2001 3

Loosen the screw as shown above.

2001 4 2001 5 2001 6

Here are page 1 on the instructions that came with the truck in case you get stuck.

2001 7

Finally this is page 2 of the instructions.

There you have it! A simple and easy step by step process to replace the battery. Now your truck is ready to go.

Keep an eye on our home page for more step by step instructions on how to replace the batteries on other year Hess Toy Trucks & Minis.