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2006 Hess Truck & Helicopter


2006 Hess Truck & Helicopter

Original Cost: $21.99
Manufactured: 1,600,000

This 2006 Hess toy truck & helicopter features a large green and white tractor with flashing headlights, a flatbed trailer equipped with sequencing landing lights and a fully functioning battery powered helicopter with operating rotors and stabilizers. Also the 2006 Hess Toy Truck & Helicopter features: chrome detailing with red free-rolling wheels; push button activation for flashers; 31 individual working lights on the tractor trailer – the most ever! Two motor modes for the helicopter & folding rotor blades for the helicopter. It measures approximately 14″ in length.

The box has a picture of the truck on both sides with a Hess station in the background and a winter scene. A picture of the truck is on one end and the rear on the other end flap. The top of the box displays the Hess logo and says” Toy Truck and Helicopter” with a winter scene and flying helicopter in the background and Christmas trees. The difference on this box is that there is the Hess Express in the background. Hess changed the name of their stores in 1998.



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