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1987 White Hess Box Truck & Barrels


1987 White Hess Box Truck
with 3 Barrels

Original Cost:  $5.99
Manufactured (Hong Kong):  900,000
Manufactured (China):  100,000
Manufactured (Smooth Coat):  ????

This truck breaks the tradition. It sports a clean white color scheme reminiscent of the Company’s stores. The vehicle is an 18-Wheel Tractor Trailer with three miniature Hess-labeled oil barrels. In addition to the headlights and taillights, the truck comes with clearance and running lights. The trailer has side sliding cargo doors and a coin slot on top. The fuel tanks on each side of the cab have the diamond plate look. The rear trailer door opens with a red knob to withdraw savings.

The box has a picture of the truck in a winter scene with ice skaters and a Christmas tree. The end flaps have a picture of the front of the truck on one end and the rear on the other.


Approximately 90% of the trucks were made in Hong Kong, while only about 10% were made in China, which makes the China version worth more.  There were also a small number of “smooth coat” trucks where the chrome doorstep is smooth, rather than the diamond pattern.  The serious Hess Truck Collector likes to own all three versions of this truck.



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