1980 Hess Training Van

1980 Hess Training Van

Original Cost:  $3.29
Manufactured:  600,000


This truck is a replica of the actual GMC motor homes Hess used to train personnel at service stations. It has a side door that opens, pop-up TV antenna, and operating headlights and taillights. This truck has the date of 1978 imprinted on the bottom in Roman numerals. In actuality, this was not sold at stations until 1980.

This is also the first Hess truck to have a 1-piece box that has a flap end on both sides instead of the traditional boxes the had a top & bottom. The box is green in color with a picture of the van on both sides. On the top of the box you will see the Hess logo and the words “Training Van” in large yellow & white lettering.

The white plastic that was used for the Hess trucks in the 1980s had a tendency to yellow over time if displayed is a lighted room, left in extreme heat like an attic or places like that. This problem seemed to effect the 1980 Training Vans more than the other years. The glue that they used on the vans also had a problem with yellowing. Finding one of these that is snow white is very rare.


There was no Hess truck issued in 1981.