2015 Hess Truck & Rescue


Original Cost: $30.99
Manufactured: Unknown

2015 Hess Fire Truck & Rescue

One of the many changes that you will notice with this years truck is this is the first time ever the truck comes with three AAA batteries instead of the usual 2 “C” batteries that have powered the Hess trucks since 1980! Another first is that the batteries are already installed in the truck instead of you getting the batteries with the truck and having to install them yourself. As far as the design of the box goes this years box is missing the graphics in the background of the Hess gas station. The truck measures approximately 12″ in length and the Rescue measures about 5″ in length.



Fire Truck: Lots of chrome and detail on this year’s truck.

  • 50 LED lights that work in flash or steady mode
  • Hidden extendable rear ramp that also has sound effects
  • 3 button activated sounds

Rescue: self propelled by friction motor.

  • 21 working lights
  • Complete with 2 fire hoses
  • 4 tier 360 degree extension ladder