2009 Hess Race Car and Racer


2009 Hess Race Car and Racer

Original Cost: $24.99
Manufactured: 1,600,000

Race Car Features :
– 3 sound features (ignition, acceleration & horn)

– 29 lights with optional flashing mode
– Alloy look racing wheels
– Chrome detailed mirrors and air vents
– Low profile headlights

Small Racer Features :
– Pull-back racing motor

– Alloy look wheels
– Low profile wheels
– 15 lights

This is the first time since 1993, when Hess released a patrol car, that a vehicle other than a truck was released in the collection. The patrol car ended up being the fastest-selling vehicle in the company’s 45-year history.

The box has a picture of the racer on both sides with a Hess station in the background and a winter scene. A picture of the racer is on one end and the rear on the other end flap. The top of the box displays the Hess logo and says” Race Car and Racer” with a winter scene in the background and Christmas trees. on the bottom of the box is the battery installation instructions. The difference on this box is that there is the Hess Express in the background. Hess changed the name of their stores in 1998.