2001 Hess Helicopter


2001 Hess Helicopter Transport

Original Cost: $19.99
Manufactured: 1,800,000

Hess has taken to the air once again with the 2001 Helicopter with Motorcycle and Cruiser. The helicopter features working head and taillights, a searchlight, and rotors that really spin. The motorcycle and cruiser have real head and taillights, and friction motors to zoom into fun.

The box has a picture of the helicopter, motorcycle & cruiser on both sides with a Hess station in the background and a winter scene. A picture of the helicopter is on one end and the rear on the other end flap. The top of the box has the Hess logo and says “Helicopter with motorcycle & cruiser” in bright red lettering. The difference on this box is that there is the Hess Express in the background. Hess changed the name of their stores in 1998.