1995 Hess Chrome Truck & Helicopter

1995 chrome

1995 Hess Chrome Helicopter
(Not Available to the Public)

Original Cost: Not Available to Public
Manufactured: 600

There were 2 versions of this edition. One version came on a green base and the other on the regular cardboard base.

According to sources, this truck was given to a very small amount of people that worked on a special project for Leon Hess. It is reported that there were only 600 of these unique trucks made. The truck and the helicopter are chrome and sit on a green velvet base and has. The removable helicopter has flashing lights and a rotating main rotor blade and rear-spinning rotor. A sliding ramp to off-load the helicopter is neatly installed in the truck’s trailer. This truck is a true prize to have in one’s collection.

The box is basically the same as the regular issue but one of the big differences is that this box has holographic Hess logos on it and a chrome pin stripe around the edge of the box. The ends of the box have a picture of the front of the truck on one flap and the rear on the other. These both also have a chrome trim line around the edge of the box.