1987 White Hess Box Truck & Barrels


1987 White Hess Box Truck
with 3 Barrels

Original Cost:  $5.99
Manufactured (Hong Kong):  900,000
Manufactured (China):  100,000
Manufactured (Smooth Coat):  ????

This truck breaks the tradition. It sports a clean white color scheme reminiscent of the Company’s stores. The vehicle is an 18-Wheel Tractor Trailer with three miniature Hess-labeled oil barrels. In addition to the headlights and taillights, the truck comes with clearance and running lights. The trailer has side sliding cargo doors and a coin slot on top. The fuel tanks on each side of the cab have the diamond plate look. The rear trailer door opens with a red knob to withdraw savings.

The box has a picture of the truck in a winter scene with ice skaters and a Christmas tree. The end flaps have a picture of the front of the truck on one end and the rear on the other.


Approximately 90% of the trucks were made in Hong Kong, while only about 10% were made in China, which makes the China version worth more.  There were also a small number of “smooth coat” trucks where the chrome doorstep is smooth, rather than the diamond pattern. Another variation in all 3 versions is known as the “Gold Grill”. During the late 1980s, it seems they had some problems with the chrome process and some of the trucks came out with a gold tone to them. With this in mind there are actually 6 versions of this year truck. The serious Hess Truck Collector likes to own all three versions of this truck.