1986 Hess Red Fire Truck (White Ladder)


1986 Red Hess Fire Truck Bank
with White Ladder

Original Cost:  $5.49
Manufactured:  1,000,000

This truck is the first truck to sport multiple functions. Its features include flashing dome lights, as well as headlights and taillights operated by separate switches. It also features an aerial ladder with three sections that swivel fully, and a coin slot tucked under the ladder.

The box is a one piece style that has a picture of the front end of the truck on one flap and the rear of the truck on the opposite flap. The sides have a picture of the truck in New York City with the Rockefeller Christmas tree in the background. On the top of the box is says “Toy Fire Truck Bank and on the bottom again is the battery installation instructions.


There is only one variation known and that is the 1986 truck with Gold colored chrome. During the late 1980s, it seems they had some problems with the chrome parts not being completely Silver chrome in color. Some of the trucks ended up with Gold tones in their grills and some other chrome parts.