1984 Hess Tanker Bank


1984 Hess Green Semi Tanker Truck Bank

Original Cost:  $4.99
Manufactured:  1,000,000

 This was the first Hess Bank truck made. The truck is a redesigned version of the 1977/1978 Oil Tanker Truck with a coin slot added on the rear of the tanker. The truck has working headlights and taillights, and a removable hose. The other major difference is that there are no more decals used on this truck, so you do not have the wearing or peeling of them anymore. The words on the truck are now molded into the plastic. The box is now a one-piece variety where the truck slides out of the end flaps. On each end of the box there is a picture of the front of the truck on one side and the rear of the truck on the other. The bottom of the box has the instructions for the installation of the battery.