1975 Hess Box Truck


1975 Hess Box Truck w/3 Oil Barrels
(No Hess labels on barrels)

Original Cost:  $1.99
Manufactured:  500,000

The truck is a newly designed cab and box trailer. It comes with three small oil barrels with no labels.  Note the unique sliding doors on each side of the trailer, rear doors that open and close, and working headlights and taillights operated by a switch underneath the trailer. This truck had a one-piece cab. (The cab and fenders are one piece.) This is the first non-split window truck in the Hess line. Also, the 1975 Box Truck was made of a lighter color green plastic than the 1976.


  • The trailer is marked underneath with “Amerada Hess Corporation Made in Hong Kong” in SMALL type.
  • The trailer is marked underneath with “Amerada Hess Corporation Made in Hong Kong” in LARGE type.
  • There were two types of barrels that were shipped with these trucks. First, there were barrels with four rings around them.  Second, there were barrels with five rings around them. (They had an extra ring close to the ring on one end.)
  • This is the most significant variation of the 1975 trucks. This truck was “Made in the USA.” There are several differences in this truck from the common trucks: a) The tires do not say Hess on them; b) It does not have paper labels on the trailer; it has a painted white stripe with real decals; c) The battery card is completely different in looks and wording; d) The battery compartment does not say, “battery compartment” on the outside; e) The smoke stack on the cab attaches to both the cab and the red base, as it did with the early tankers; f) The Box has “Made in USA” on the end, and is larger than the common box; and g) The Box has an oval “Caution” sticker affixed to it.  This truck is extremely rare.