1974 Hess Tanker Truck


1974 Hess Split Window Semi Tanker

Original Cost:  $1.89
Manufactured:  400,000  

This truck is virtually the same as the 1968/1969 Tanker Truck, but with a few minor changes in the truck itself. 

  1. The 1972/1974 trucks had round trailer feet, instead of the square trailer feet.
  2. The 1972/1974 trucks now have rivets by the on-off switch
  3. The difference between the 1972 and 1974 is the catwalk on the trailer.  The 1972 truck has a 1/16” gap at the end of the catwalk at the rear of the trailer.
  4. The one end of the box has a picture of the front of the truck and reads “AMERADA HESS CORPORATION”
  5. On the other end of the box it has a picture of the rear of the truck and states “Made in The British Crown Colony of Hong Kong”.
  6. The exhaust stack is even with the top of the cab.
  7. No instruction card was included with this year truck.
  8. There was no truck issued in 1973.