1970 Hess Fire Truck

1970 Hess Fire Truck Rare USA Box



  1970 Hess Red Pumper Fire Truck

Original Cost:  $1.69
Manufactured:  300,000  

This Fire Truck is a replica of the actual fire engines used at Hess Refineries and Storage Terminals. Some of these trucks are still in service today. The truck is a pumper with two detachable rubber hoses on one side and a detachable ladder on the other. It even has a swiveling water cannon on top. This particular truck does not feature working headlights and taillights, but boasts a red emergency light that flashes and rotates on the top of the cab.


  • There was only one variation in the truck. The common truck was made in Hong Kong and both box and truck are marked as such. However, there was a version made in the USA. There are very few of these that exist.  The box of the USA stated, “Made in USA” on the end, and the box was of the folded version, as opposed to the glued together version. The box is like the 1975/76 boxes.  The seal on the bottom of the truck says, “Made in USA” instead of “Hong Kong.”  This is an extremely rare truck.
  • One other variation of the box is that some of them have a “Caution” label affixed to them, warning about danger to children under the age of three.