1969 Amerada Hess Tanker

1969 Amerada

1969 Hess Split Window Tanker
(Amerada Hess – Special Issue – Not available to the public)


Original Cost:  Free
Manufactured:  10,000


This truck was produced to celebrate the merger of Hess Oil and Chemical with Amerada Petroleum. The truck was based upon the 1968 Oil Tanker toy truck.  The primary difference is that the name Amerada Hess appears on the body and rear of the tanker. The truck features working headlights and taillights, and a flexible hose.

In 1969, the truck was mailed to the home of each and every Amerada Hess employee as a holiday gift. The box for this truck is unmistakable as its picture on the two sides and rear is unlike any of the other tankers boxes. This truck box also states, “Home Office Woodbridge, N.J.,” the same as the 1969 Christmas issue truck. You might also take note to the fact that this is the only truck in Hess Toy Truck history that does not have a Hess Logo on the cab doors.