1968 Hess Perth Amboy

1968 Perth Amboy

1968 Hess Split Window Semi Tanker (Perth Amboy)

Original Cost:  $1.49
Manufactured:  250,000

This truck is very similar to the 1967 Tanker truck.  Each has working headlights and taillights operated by a switch on the bottom of the tanker, and removable hose. The decal placement on the 1968 Hess Tanker says “Gasoline” one the passenger’s side & “Fuel Oils” are on the driver’s.

  1. 1968 & 1969 trucks had a white base instead of a Red Velvet base
  1. The battery cover on the 1968 & 1969 has a round Marx Logo on them.
    The 1967 did not.
  1. The 1968 address on the box says, “Home Office Perth Amboy, New Jersey”
  1. The 1969 address on the box says, “Home office Woodbridge, N.J.”
  1. The 1968/1969 boxes have a picture of the rear of the truck on one end and under it state, “Made in the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong”
  1. The 1967 states, “Made in USA”
  1. All thee trucks have square trailer feet and have no rivets by the on/off switch