1967 Hess Red Velvet Tanker

Here are the 3 variations of the 1967 Hess Red Velvet Tanker.


Original Cost:  $1.99
Manufactured: 300,000

The 1967 Hess Red Velvet Truck complete package consists of an 18-wheel fuel oil tanker in the Hess dark green with white and yellow accents. It has a removable hose and working headlights and taillights. This truck came in a White Box with a Red Velvet Base. Its trailer feet were square on the bottom and the battery cover in all 3 variations did not have a logo imprinted on it. This was the first Hess split windows tanker and was also made in the USA.


  • The first version has a small Hess decal on the rear of the tanker that is the same size as the white stripe in height. On this version the “Fuel Oils” decal is on the driver’s side rear of the tanker. This is the most common of the three versions made.
  • The second version is the same as the first except that the decal on the rear of the tanker is 3/8″ larger than the white stripe and the “Fuel Oils” decal is now on the front passenger’s side of the tanker. This is the version that everyone looks for when purchasing the 1967 Hess Red Velvet Tanker.
  • The hardest to find and rarest version of the 1967 Hess Red Velvet tankers is the Virgin Island variation. It is identical to  the second one with the only difference being that instead of the “Gasoline” decal on the driver’s side rear, this truck has “Chemical” in place of it. This truck was strictly for Hess’s St. Croix Virgin Islands employees and also came with a special Season”s Greetings holiday card. It is believed these were never made available for sale to the public.