1966 Hess Voyager Ship


1966 Hess Voyager Tanker Ship

Original Cost: $1.89
Manufactured: 150,000

This toy is modeled after the original Hess Voyager, a World War II tanker Hess used to transport oil. It features working bow and stern lights, authentic port and starboard lights, plus wheels on the bottom that allow it to roll across the floor. This is one of the first Hess pieces to be made in the USA and also is the longest piece measuring about 18″. This has alot of small pieces that tend to get lost and is very hard to find in complete condition with all its parts. The box top has many colors to it and the graphics are very impressive. The bottom of the box is blue in color. This collectible comes with 3 cardboard inserts and a battery instruction card. There is also an optional black plastic stand you could get for the ship to sit on with its name on it and if you are lucky enough to find the small Season’s card.