2014 Hess Collector's Limited Edition Tanker

  • Cab  internally illuminated Trailer Container
  • Clear panel displaying a version of the original 1964 tanker
  • 92 total lights, including 27 super-bright LED lights
  • Individually numbered
  • The Collector’s Edition Hess Toy Truck is packaged in a unique, commemorative display box and protective sleeve.

Now Only $125.00

1998 Hess Recreation Van With Dune Buggy & Motorcycle

Now Only $55.00

  • Hess Recreation Van with Dune Buggy and Motorcycle.
  • Dune buggy and motorcycle are powered by friction motors with working head and taillights.
  • RV has a working head, tail, and running lights.

2000 Hess Ladder Fire Truck

Now Only $39.00

  • Hydraulic ladder extends
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Side ladders snap off
  • Truck includes stabilizers that snap down and lock
  • Horns and sirens
  • 16 working lights that can flash or glow steadily. 

1970 Hess Fire Truck

Now Only $525.00

  • Pumper style truck with two removable hoses on one side
  • Ladder that extends on the other side
  • Swivel water cannon on the top of the engine bed
  • Rotating light that flashes on the top of the cab.

2011 Hess Truck & Race Car

Now Only $45.00

  • Pull-out ramp with automatic hydraulic sound
  • 3 additional sound effects (ignition, horn and back-up alert sounds)
  • 34 lights with all-on and flashing modes
  • Flashing light mode activated by cab button, chassis switch and ramp


2016 Hess Truck & Dragster

Now Only $65.00

– 3 buttons on top to operate sound features (ignition, countdown & horn)
– 43 lights that flash or stationary
– Wheels that roll freely
– Chrome detailing on the truck
– Pull out ramp with sound


1989 Hess Fire Truck

Now Only $45.00

  • Dual sound siren operated by a separate switch
  • Working headlights and taillights
  • Emergency flashers operated by another switch underneath.


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