2001 Hess Helicopter with Cycle & Cruiser – Read Details!


2001 Hess Helicopter with Cycle & Cruiser – Read Details!

Original Cost: $19.99
Manufactured: 1,800,000
SKU# H2001CL-01

Hess has taken to the air once again with the 2001 Helicopter with Motorcycle and Cruiser.

  • The helicopter (slightly discolored) features working head and taillights, a searchlight, and rotors that really spin. NOTE: front blades turn OK but rear blades turn intermittently! This may be an easy fix but we will leave that to the person that likes to tinker and save $30.00 off the regular price!
  • Motorcycle and cruiser have real head and taillights, and friction motors to zoom into fun.
  • The battery compartment is clean and all the lights are in working order. Box is also in excellent condition with bright graphics and complete with all packing.
  • The helicopter measures approximately 12″ in length.


Helicopter & Box – 9.9 Condition


“This is a clearance item & sold as is with no returns”



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