1995 Hess Chrome Helicopter

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1995 Hess Chrome Helicopter

Original Cost: Not sold to public
Manufactured: 600
SKU# 1995CR


According to sources, this truck was given to a very small amount of people that worked on a special project for Leon Hess. It is reported that there were only 600 of these unique trucks made. There were 2 versions of this truck, one that had a green velvet base and one that had the original cardboard base like the regular edition at the stations. This is the version that has the green velvet base and came right from an employee of many years that worked for Mr. Hess and gave it to her as a gift. To have this truck in one’s collection is a true prize. Battery compartment is clean and all the lights are in working order. The box has a holographic Hess logos on it with bright graphics. The comes complete with all packing. Truck measures approximately 14″ in length.

Truck & Box – Mint Condition



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